HR updates to support the launch of Unit4

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Changes to HR forms

To support the launch of the new Finance system, Unit4, the Human Resources (HR) team is revising all paper and on-line forms to display the new account code structure. The new forms will be available on the HR website the week of April 24. Employees will be advised to use the appropriate new form for all submissions after May 1. All forms referencing the old account codes will be removed from HR’s website at end of day Apr 28. After a short transition period, forms submitted with old AFFs will be returned so that the requestor can re-submit the form with the correct account and posting attributes.

Detailed Salary Reporting

With the launch of Unit4 on May 1, FORE reporting will no longer be updated with new salary and scholarship payment data. A replacement solution is being developed by HR in partnership with IST and the Student Information System team. The team has developed a plan to build a new reporting solution which will provide the same functionality as FORE reporting with a few added capabilities. For example, scholarship and benefits information will be available as separate reports. Access to this reporting solution will be granted by Finance through user set up in Unit4.  

The Detailed Salary Reporting solution is expected to be available on May 31 (after the first monthly pay is processed with the new Unit4 account and posting attributes). The team will schedule information sessions in late May and early June to provide users with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the new Detailed Salary Reporting solution. Over the next few weeks more information will be made available to staff who will have access to this reporting system.

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