A message of appreciation during National Payroll Week (September 19-23, 2022)

Monday, September 19, 2022

From:   Michelle Hollis, Acting Associate Provost, Human Resources

Today marks the first day of National Payroll Week which occurs each September in Canada to celebrate payroll professionals and to highlight their impactful roles.

Payroll professionals at the University – including those within Human Resources and those within Faculties and Academic Support Units – ensure that employees are paid accurately and on a timely basis. By keeping the process running as smooth as possible behind the scenes, payroll professionals support employees’ financial well-being thereby enabling them to focus on their professional and personal interests.

The pandemic emphasized the tremendous impact that payroll professionals have had during the global pandemic and continue to have every day – despite navigating an ever-changing work environment, the provision of employment earnings was never disrupted. I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the University and all its employees, to express my sincere thanks to all of our payroll professionals. Payroll is at the center of our working lives, is vital to our economy, and to the financial well-being of working Canadians.

Learn more about National Payroll Week, explore events in your area, or how you can celebrate the University’s payroll professionals.