Potential Canada Post Lockout/Strike effect on Payroll Payments Issued by Cheque

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Due to the possible lockout/strike at Canada Post, Human Resources (HR) will not be mailing out any payroll cheques until further notice. All payments issued by cheque will be held for pick-up in HR until there is no threat of a lockout/strike or, should a lockout/strike occur, until service through Canada Post has resumed. (Please note that this will not affect employees who receive their pay by direct deposit into their bank account).

We strongly recommend that any hiring documents or payment requests include a submission of banking information. Employees, and those receiving one-time payments through payroll, can submit their banking information using the Personal Information Form (PDF) which can be found on the HR website under Forms. The Personal Information Form should be stapled to the hiring/payment documentation when submitted.

If a department would like to courier a cheque to an individual, please email payroll@uwaterloo.ca or call the main HR Reception line at 35935, to make arrangements to pick-up the cheque from HR.

Cheques can be picked up in HR (main floor, East Campus 1, corner of Phillip and Columbia) between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Employees are asked to bring a piece of photo ID when picking up their cheque.

Please direct any inquiries to payroll@uwaterloo.ca or the main HR line at 35935.