Automation and Controls research

The Automation and Controls Group in the department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering of the University of Waterloo consists of 13 dedicated faculty members with a wide range of academic and industrial research experience. Specific areas of research include:

The advanced research in fundamental and emerging areas of mechanical and mechatronics engineering has allowed our professors to secure tens of millions of dollars in Provincial and Federal funding due to their research impact and excellence. Notable funding recipients include: 

  • Prof. Amir Khajepour received over $20 million in research funding from Automobile Partnership Canada’s (APC), Green Intelligence Transportation Systems (GITS) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) over the past five years.    
  • Prof. Ehsan Toyserkani received over $2 million in funding from the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) for research in Additive Manufacturing in 2015.
  • Prof. William Melek received over $4 million in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) in 2015 for the RoboHub: multi-robotic teams test facility.
  • Prof. Sanjeev Bedi and Fathy Ismail received over $3 million in CFI and ORF funding for precision and five axis machining research.

The group’s  extensive and wide-ranging research has garnered interest and facilitated wide range collaborations with  industry leaders such as General Motors, Nuvation, GE Aviation and Pratt and Wittney, to name a few.

Many of the faculty members within the Automation and Controls Group have received recognition for their research excellence:

  • Prof. Khajepour received the PEO Research Excellence Medal in 2014 and EIT Canada Fellowship in 2015. He is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (CRC) as one of the world’s leading scientists in the area of automotive research.
  • Prof. Toyserkani has been awarded an Early Research Award (ERA) in 2007. He is also a University Research Chair in Additive Manufacturing. 
  • Prof. Kaan Erkorkmaz was awarded an ERA in 2007 for his research on enabling the execution of complex movements in minimum time with highest accuracy, in multi-axis machines.
  • Assistant Prof. Steve Waslander is a member of the NSERC Canadian Field Robotics Network.

Group professors