Psychology course outline - Spring 2006

For courses ending in R, please contact Renison's Registrar's office.

For courses ending in J, please contact Christina Mancini.

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101J Introductory Psychology Kathyrn Greenaway (SJU)
PSYCH 253 (PDF) Social Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH / PHIL 256 Intro to Cognitive Science Cameron Shelley (Phil Dept)
PSYCH 315J Psychology of Adolescence Maureen Drysdale (SJU
PSYCH 338 (PDF) Organizational Psychology Melissa Warner
PSYCH 339 (PDF) Personnel Selection Richard Ennis
PSYCH 358 (PDF) Personality Theory Doug Crowne
PSYCH 398 (PDF) Research in Memory Dan Smilek
PSYCH 455 Honours Seminar - Social Psychology
Topic: Stereotypes and Prejudice
Steve Spencer