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Secondary school students physics demo

To support and nurture high school students' love for science discovery, the University of Waterloo Science Outreach team has developed several in-class workshops and on-campus activities to complement the Ontario Science Curriculum.

You can learn more about what we offer through either the subject-specific table shown here, or the expandable categories below the table. To book a workshop, either in class or on campus, please visit our online booking form or contact Heather Neufeld at for more information.

High school teacher resources
Grade Biology Physics Chemistry Environmental, Earth and Space Science
9 Sustainable ecosystems: Endangered Earth The Characteristics of electricity: ESM The Energy Game Atoms, elements and compounds: The Periodic Table project and App The study of the universe: Ancient Astronomy or Gustav Bakos Observatory tour
10 Tissues, organs and systems of living things:The Ins and Outs of Digestion Light and geometric optics: Enlightened Optics Chemical reactions Climate change: Sustainable City Challenge

Diversity of living things


Genetic processes: Gairdner lecture and/or Gels and Genes 

Animal structure and function 

Plant anatomy, growth and function

Physics Lab Day engages students in all topics



Energy and society

Waves and sound

Electricity and magnetism

Chem Lab Day Acetaminophen Synthesis Lab covers all topics 

Matter, chemical trends and chemical bonding

Chemical reactions

Quantities in chemical reactions

Solutions and solubility

Gases and atmospheric chemistry

Scientific solutions to contemporary environmental challenges: ESM WATERloo Conservation

Human health and the environment: ESM Ground Water

Sustainable agriculture and forestry

Reducing and managing waste

Conservation of energy


Biochemistry: Let's Talk Cancer

Metabolic processes 

Molecular genetics: Gairdner lecture and Gels and Genes


Population dynamics: Viral Vaccines

Physics Lab Day engages students in all topics

Dynamics: Rockets

Energy and momentum: Rockets

Gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields

The wave nature of light

Revolutions in modern physics; quantum mechanics and special relativity: IQC resources and Perimeter Institute resources

Chem Lab Day: Acetaminophen or C17H14O Synthesis Lab covers Organic Chemistry, Structure and properties of matter, Energy changes and rates of reaction, and Chemical systems and equilibrium

Electrochemistry: Gas chromatography workshop

Astronomy:Gustav Bakos Observatory tour

Planetary science

Recording the Earth's geological history: ESM Geology of Ontario

Earth materials: ESM Rocks, Minerals, and Microscopes or Geology of Ontario

Geological processes

For general inquiries please contact:

Heather Neufeld
Manager, Science Outreach
Phone: 519-888-4567 x31083
Location: EIT 2010

Students investigate a streamStudents investigate a stream