Alex Penlidis, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1994

Chemical Engineering

Alexander Penlidis has been a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering since 1986. Professor Penlidis is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher with “a love of teaching and a passion for the subject matter at hand.” His excitement in the classroom and interactive teaching style captivates students' interest and motivates them to learn. His lectures represent a great deal of planning and dedication, in order to supply the student with the most current information on the subject. He challenges students with new ideas so learning is never passive. Professor Penlidis not only knows his material, but he also puts considerable effort into knowing his students. He maintains an “open door policy” for students and is a strong believer in the importance of “out of classroom” teaching. Professor Penlidis' superior teaching skills and innovative approaches to learning are highly valued and appreciated by his students and colleagues.