Art Green, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1990

Fine Arts

Arthur Green has been a teacher of painting at the University of Waterloo since 1977, and head of the fine arts department since 1988. He has consistently achieved the highest possible teaching rating on the annual performance review. His students describe him as a rare individual and truly “amazing” person and teacher who “loves people, loves life, loves art, and truly loves his job.” He cares about how every student is doing, not only in school work but in life outside, and he wants every student to succeed. A great listener, his teaching is characterized by genuine warmth and interest, enthusiasm, generosity of mind, patience, and commitment to excellence. Students in his painting classes feel that they are “collaborating with art on a painting as a colleague, fellow artist, and friend.” He always cares enough to spend time with students and to urge them on to higher goals. In nominating Arthur for this award, one of his students mentions the view of Nikos Kazantzakes, the Greek writer, that ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross. Then, having facilitated the crossing, they joyfully collapse, encouraging the students to create bridges of their own. Let us hope that Art Green will not collapse just yet, but continue to inspire future generations of students at the University of Waterloo.