Barbara Bulman-Fleming, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1992

Psychology, Non-regular award category

Dr. Barbara Bulman-Fleming has taught part-time at the University of Waterloo on a regular basis since receiving her PhD here in 1988. During that time the psychology department has called on her to teach many of its most demanding courses, including large sections of Introductory Psychology and of Psychological Research Methods. This she has done in an exemplary fashion. In the words of her department chair: “Barb always delivers the goods, far beyond anything the department has any right to expect. She is exceptionally well organized; she is very clear with complex subject matter; and she has high, challenging standards. But she also shows sensitivity, contagious humour, dedication to her task, respect and sincere caring for her students and the highest standards of professionalism. She truly loves to teach, and she genuinely gives to her students. We are indebted to her.” Barbara Bulman-Fleming's students talk of her in the same vein. They talk of her teaching as “consistently excellent,” “thoroughly organized,” and, that she always exhibits a wonderful, timely sense of humour and treats each and every student with unfailing respect.