Bill Diehl-Jones, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1996

Biology, Non-regular award category

Bill Diehl-Jones, adjunct associate professor of biology, has been a member of the University of Waterloo since 1993. His approach to teaching has been recognized and applauded by students, faculty and colleagues. Bill Diehl-Jones' infectious enthusiasm and devotion to teaching facilitates an open connection to students that is based on equality and respect. A student of Professor Diehl-Jones describes him as having a “charismatic demeanor that captivates his students.” He is a personable and approachable professor who exhibits unwarranted unselfishness when dealing with his students. In his teaching, he has a unique ability to explain challenging concepts in articulate and comprehensible terms through memorable anecdotes and entertaining teaching aids. His dedication to learning and teaching is illustrated in a classroom environment that encourages active participation from the students and the instructor. Professor Diehl-Jones provides an exciting approach to teaching which is valued by students and colleagues at the University of Waterloo.