Bruce Hutchinson, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1990

Civil Engineering

In the large number of letters written in support of the nomination, professor Hutchinson of the Department of Civil Engineering received very high praise from his students, both past and present, undergraduate and graduate alike. Samples of the types of comments that were made repeatedly are: “Professor Hutchinson works very hard at the preparation of course material. His well-prepared lectures were presented with enthusiasm and humour in an interesting, challenging and extremely well organized manner.” “Professor Hutchinson always insisted on the highest quality of work; he expected and brought out the best in his students through untiring efforts on his part. He pushes his students as hard as he does himself.” “He really cares about his students. Outside the classroom, as well as during lectures, he is always approachable. His willingness to help and talk to the students has no boundaries. Somehow he manages never to lose his patience and never makes us feel incompetent.” “Professor Hutchinson's teaching does not only encompass course material. He is very interested in helping our personal development. He leads by example and has tried to instill in us the very ideals of honesty, dedication, responsibility and professionalism that he demands of himself. We view him as an exceptional role model, both as a person and in his profound care and personal involvement with those around him.” “Some memories of the University of Waterloo will be brighter than others, while many will become blurry with time. Professor Hutchinson has set an example for each one of us that we will not forget. He will continue to be a dynamic character from our time at Waterloo.”