Bruce Mitchell, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1996


Bruce Mitchell, professor of geography, has been a member of the University of Waterloo since 1969. Inspiring, enthusiastic, approachable, and dedicated are just a few words used to describe professor Bruce Mitchell. His ability to transform complicated subject matter into understandable material is achieved through an innovative and interactive course structure. One of his techniques is to increase student involvement by having students teach a classroom lecture. Professor Mitchell is an exceptional speaker who brings the classroom alive by creating a challenging and critical environment. His interaction with his students is built on availability, respect and understanding. He encourages his students to develop confidence in their learning while making the entire process enjoyable. In addition, his numerous publications and involvement in research funded projects is of great assistance in his outstanding advising of graduate students. He is an important member of the Bali sustainable development project and the University Consortium on the Environment. Professor Bruce Mitchell maintains a high teaching and learning standard, all to the benefit of the University of Waterloo.