Dan Andreae, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2005

Social Work, Renison College, Non-regular award category

During his seven years at Renison College in the social development studies program, Dan Andreae has shown an exceptional ability to motivate students. Dan’s enthusiasm for social policy and his passion for teaching inspire his students. His engaging, witty, and caring personality encourages students to learn, question, discuss and act. He makes course material come alive and be relevant to each person in the classroom. Dan Andreae’s skill as a teacher results in part from his willingness and ability to bring his professional experience to bear on his teaching. Dan is the Past President of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) and was the Head of the Health Education Agency that launched the National Eating Disorder Information Centre at Toronto General Hospital. Students consistently applaud the melding of theory and practice that Dan brings to his courses. Dr. Dan motivates all his students by encouraging them to be active members in their community and country. He has influenced students’ academic careers and has changed the course of students’ futures. He is a model for his teaching colleagues at Renison College and the University of Waterloo.