Dan Wolczuk, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2021

Dan Wolczuk, Dean of Mathematics Office

Dan Wolczuk
Professor Dan Wolczuk from the Faculty of Mathematics is well known at the University of Waterloo for the boundless energy that he brings to his teaching. His dedication to teaching shines through both inside and outside of the classroom. A former student writes, “he has an unsurpassed commitment to teaching not just the material of his courses but study habits and life-skills that promote life-long learning in his students.” Other students note that Wolczuk’s enthusiasm is unparalleled, and that the palpable excitement he exudes when teaching is infectious. Colleagues say that Wolczuk delves deep into learning how to teach effectively, as he is always analyzing the effectiveness of teaching methods and student performance to ensure the best learning experience for students. Notably, one of his main focuses in his lecture series is the merit of a growth mindset. Dan continuously reminds his students that the main limitations they have with respect to their own learning are those that they set for themselves. Professor Dan Wolczuk was awarded Instructor of the Year from the UWaterloo Mathematics Student Society and the Distinction in Teaching award from the Mathematics Faculty in 2013. Many believe that Wolzuck’s success has been based around his enormous capacity for compassion and empathy, which he extends to everyone with whom he works.