Doug Kirton, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2010

Fine Arts

During his ten years in the Department of Fine Arts, professor Doug Kirton has consistently achieved high teacher reviews in a range of undergraduate and graduate courses. Students at all levels of study have responded to Doug’s ability to bring to life the excitement and diversity of the visual world around us. Himself an accomplished and respected artist, he teaches from a solid foundation of experience, and has been a role model for students who aspire to become professional artists themselves. Doug is a receptive and patient listener, and truly cares about the personal and artistic growth of each individual student. He helps them to find their own voice, encouraging them to think critically and creatively, and to examine the uniqueness of their own life experience. Doug is a tireless supporter of student initiated, extra-curricular events and projects, and is known to promote the work of his students to the regional and national communities. This year Doug was further honoured with an Award for Excellence in Teaching from the Ontario University Students Alliance.