Fran Allard, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1983

Fran Allard, Kinesiology, DTA 1983

Frances Allard is an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology. She is also the associate chairman for graduate affairs of that department. Professor Allard has been teaching at Waterloo for the last decade, specializing in psychomotor behaviour, which is her research field. Her first appointment was in psychology. Later she held joint appointments in psychology and kinesiology, and since 1980 has been located full-time in the Department of Kinesiology. Professor Allard teaches at all levels, ranging from special lectures for visiting high school students all the way to graduate seminars. She is effective both in large classes and in small groups, in formal lectures and in individual consultations on research projects. The picture of Fran Allard the teacher emerged from the many dozens of letters which constituted her nomination for the Distinguished Teacher Award - letters from faculty colleagues and from former and current students at the bachelor's, master's and PhD levels. What emerged as the most important attribute of Fran Allard as a teacher was her ability “to get the most out of her students,” to encourage her students to work at the limits of their abilities, and to guide them in extending those limits. Time and again, colleagues and students provided examples of this talent, some from observation, and many from personal experience. These letters also provide many other clues to Fran Allard's success as a teacher. Let me quote some: “She has mastered the skill of quickly and correctly judging the level of the audience then speaking appropriately.” “She approaches teaching with a conviction that it is possible to be casual, informative, humorous, and demanding all at once.” “She revels in the spirit of inquiry and inspires and excites others to do so also.” “(She) possesses a superior mind and has the ability to integrate material from other disciplines into her teaching.” At the graduate level - “she knows and enjoys her subject matter, has little tolerance for those who evade the issues, and is an astute and penetrating critic.” The last word should be left to a former student who is now himself a successful academic: “Please consider my progress and success as a product of Dr. Allard's teaching and advising.”

[Professor Allard died in 2017]