Howard Armitage, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1997


Howard Armitage, an associate professor in the school of accountancy, came to Waterloo in 1981. He is presently acting director of the school and was named “Fellow of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada” last July due in part to his excellent teaching skills. Professor Armitage joins a select group of approximately 230 certified management accountants across Canada who have been honoured for their outstanding contributions to the profession of management accounting (from a population of approximately 30,000). It is important to note that he is one of very few academics chosen for this honour, conferred by the Society of Management Accountants of Canada. As one student testifies: “His teaching is superb, using a combination of discussion, relevant case studies and industry anecdotes to illustrate his lecture materials. I was constantly amazed at his breadth and depth of management knowledge and his ability to describe difficult concepts in an easily understood manner. He has earned the respect of myself and my classmates through his knowledge, teaching abilities, willingness to invest his time and his absolute fairness.” In his role as director of the Gordon Cowperthwaite Centre for Accounting Education at the University of Waterloo, professor Armitage administers and recommends development projects for innovative teaching in the school of accountancy. A colleague reports that the development work he has done on the intermediate level of ANITA (A New Introduction to Accounting) has transformed this course from a weak link to one of the strongest two-course sequences in the accounting program at Waterloo. This integrated approach to accounting reflects current innovations proposed for accountants of the 21st century and has made the University of Waterloo a pioneer in accounting curriculum development.