Ian McGee, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1991

Applied Mathematics

Ian McGee has been a professor of applied mathematics at Waterloo since 1967. Throughout his twenty-four years of service professor McGee has embodied the ingredients of an outstanding teacher: a caring attitude towards students, a love for his subject and an impeccable clarity of presentation. He has skillfully employed his specialized knowledge in theoretical physics to instill in his students both a love of mathematics and a deep appreciation for its usefulness. One of his former students writes "Not only has he been able to teach the subject matter itself in a useful and interesting manner, but his attitude towards mathematics and his enjoyment of its applicability has nurtured and strengthened a similar attitude in me. This attitude and his skill in presenting a subject clearly and truly without a dull moment have convinced me that mathematics is indeed a wonderful science.” For our part, Dr. McGee, we are convinced that you are a wonderful teacher.