Jim Frank, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2001


James Frank, an associate professor in the kinesiology department, is also the head of the school of anatomy and the associate dean of graduate studies. Professor Frank is passionate about his role as an educator and is devoted to his students. One of professor Frank's former teaching assistants states “If I were asked to determine why Dr. Frank should be considered for this award, I would focus on his preparation, interactive teaching approach, innovative explanations of difficult course material, and his enthusiasm. I believe what separates Dr. Frank from many other educators I have observed is his compassion for and commitment to his students and the advancement of their learning.” Professor Frank contributes to the development of young scientists through his role as a mentor for graduate students. He encourages graduate students to pursue the Certificate in University Teaching (co-ordinated by the TRACE Office) to develop their teaching and learning philosophies. Professor Frank supports and contributes to the development of graduate students enrolled in the Certificate program by regularly attending Certificate events, challenging students to think beyond the obvious, and sharing his own insights and experiences related to teaching and learning. He engages in these activities with enthusiasm and a genuine passion for the craft of teaching. Graduate students further recognize his contributions and consistent support of graduate studies through his role as chair of the first annual graduate studies research conference. This conference has been well received by the graduate students and is the largest one of its kind in