Kish Hahn, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1992

Systems Design Engineering

Kish Hahn has been a faculty member in the Department of Systems Design Engineering since 1971 and has been with the University of Waterloo since 1962. Throughout his 31 years of service professor Hahn has been dedicated to the teaching of his subject and to the needs of his students. He has skillfully employed his knowledge in ergonomics and occupational safety to instill in his students both a fundamental understanding of the interactions between humans and their environments and a deep appreciation for the importance of the subject. His enthusiasm, unique communication skills, and his dynamic teaching methods in and out of the classroom are of the highest order. Looking back after graduation and several years in the work-force, a student wrote, “(Professor Hahn's teaching was) responsible for my ability to cope and be productive in diverse social and technical environments.” Another student observed, “(Professor Hahn) could motivate a rock!”