Levent Tuncel, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2014

Combinatorics and Optimization

Levent Tuncel
Since joining the Faculty of Mathematics in 1992, Dr. Levent Tuncel has made an exceptional contribution to teaching undergraduate and graduate optimization courses. In addition, he played an integral role in developing and redesigning courses for the Combinatorics and Optimization Department. Students praise his teaching methods including the use of diagrams, geometric interpretations, and “carefully-crafted questions on assignments and exams.” As an alumnus states, “When I teach my own courses, I am influenced by Levent’s interplay of algebra and geometry, by his illuminating questions on assignments and exams, and by his continually-improving course notes”.  Dr. Levent’s well-prepared and well-organized lectures reflect his effort to ensure a positive learning environment for his students. Furthermore, Dr. Levent’s teachings are made more effective by his empathy with students and, as one student describes, by his “infectious” enthusiasm.