Lyndon Jones, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2005


Teaching in the school of optometry reflects experience in the classroom, the laboratory and the clinic. Professor Lyndon Jones has shown a passion for teaching in all these environments since his arrival at Waterloo in 1998. He was awarded the optometry student society's Distinguished Professor Award for 4 consecutive years. He is an energetic lecturer who quickly captures the attention of his audiences, be they students or professional optometrists. In all cases, cutting edge information is targeted with the background of his audience in mind. He exploits technology to deliver multidimensional presentations of moving images and sound. He also concisely explains the abstract in concrete terms and cultivates a two-way communication with his audience. Lyndon is approachable, and has provided guidance, support and ideas to a steadily growing number of graduate students. His understanding of the optometric patient and the optometric student have made him a superb teacher on the clinic floor as well. Professor Lyndon Jones is committed to carrying the torch of knowledge to future generations of optometrists.