Pierre Dube, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2001

French Studies

Pierre Dubé, a professor in the Department of French Studies, demonstrates exceptional interest and ability in his teaching. Since his appointment as head of the French teaching specialization (FTS) programme, he has extended himself on innumerable occasions for students of the programme. FTS involves co-op, a year abroad, a term in the College of Education at Brock University and, therefore, a lot of advising. The chair of French studies notes that Pierre “undertakes this all with his usual verve and enthusiasm to the delight of the students in the programme.” Students note that professor Dubé takes his job very seriously. His interactive teaching style encourages students to contribute their ideas and to participate in the day's lecture. Professor Dubé makes learning fun and interesting as he takes textbook concepts and applies them to real life situations.”As an advisor and professor, his doors, both to his office and to his home, are always open should we require assistance in any way. He is willing to help his students in whichever way possible in order that we should get the most out of our university careers.”

[Professor Dubé died in 2004]