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Examples of student ePortfolios -- click here

ePortfolio strategies from instructors

ePortfolios are a tool and learning process for deepening student learning.

In their ePortfolios, students select evidence of their learning, reflect on that learning, and make connections between their courses, and between their academic work and other learning experiences. In many programs, students also draw connections between their academic work and the specific competencies that the program is targeting. Recent research has affirmed the efficacy of ePortfolios. 

Administrators can also use student ePortfolios to assess the effectiveness of their curriculum. 

The ePortfolio resources linked in the column to the right feature documents and videos that explain how instructors can use ePortfolios to enhance student learning and success. 

Detailed examples of ePortfolio activities:

ePortfolio Activity Focus Instructor/Course Description Class Size Link to Example
Becoming Reflexive Practitioners Leeann Ferries/ Rec 351 50 web icon
Reflecting on Professional Skill Development Jill Tomasson Goodwin/ DAC 309 23 web icon
ePortfolio: Inspired Insights, Magnificent Failures, and Unanticipated Connections Kate Willink   web icon

ePortfolio activities are provided with permission from course instructors.

ePortfolio resources

Catalyst for Learning. What difference does ePortfolio make? 

ePorfolios explained. What they are, why they deepen learning, and how to use them. 

Strategies from practioners. A series of 11 short videos created by Carleton University featuring University of Waterloo ePortfolio instructors. 

How To's, Guides, and Perspectives. Resources for implementing ePortfolios, and perspectives from users. 

International Journal of ePortfolio. A journal devoted to the practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolios in educational settings.

Examples of student ePortfolios. These ePortfolios are creative and effective. 

PEARL - Publication on ePortfolio: Archives of the Research Landscape

Katherine Lithgow. Contact her regarding questions about ePortfolios.