Richard Ennis, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2013


Richard Ennis
Richard Ennis has been a lecturer in the department of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts since 2003. Infusing lectures with humour and stories, Ennis has cultivated a reputation as an engaging and “legendary” teacher. Students applaud his ability to incorporate amusing anecdotes to elucidate the most abstract concepts. His dynamic teaching style “made an early morning class hard to miss”, “kept [students] at the edge of [their] seats” and, as one student extolls, is “more of a performance… [transforming the university classroom] itself into a theatre”. Many students cite his infectious enthusiasm as the deciding factor in their choice of majors. Others too, owe their newfound appetite and curiosity for psychology to his direct influence. Perhaps more significant is Ennis’ “exceptional empathy for the learning needs of his students”, offering academic, as well as personal support well past office hours. In sum, his “unique blend of humour and professionalism” in combination with the breadth of his knowledge and years of experience make Richard Ennis truly a “distinguished teacher”, and is, as an undergraduate notes, “without a doubt the jewel of the psychology department”.