Rohan Jayasundera, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1999


Cyrus Rohan Jayasundera graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1982 and he then joined the physics department as a demonstrator with responsibilities for organizing and instructing in undergraduate laboratories. His enthusiasm and teaching ability were recognized and for the past two years he has also been lecturing to first year general physics classes. While fulfilling these many responsibilities, his reputation as a great teacher among past and present students has become legendary. In his first year classes, despite their large size, he always manages to find time for that extra assistance for every student who asks for it; and in physics, there are many who need extra attention. His never failing good humour and his sensitivity encourages even those who suffer from physics shyness to come forward and ask for help. He never turns anyone away and spends an enormous amount of time talking to students outside the classroom. He is constantly trying to improve the teaching process including organizing extra tutorials when necessary. His enthusiasm has even propagated to his colleagues and teaching assistants. He clearly enjoys every aspects of teaching and his students enjoy him as an instructor.