Stan Laiken, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1994


Stanley Laiken has been a faculty member in the school of accountancy at the University of Waterloo since 1981. He had prior contacts in this area and attended elementary and high school in Kitchener. Dr. Laiken's enthusiasm for teaching and for his subject, taxation, has been clearly communicated to students. As co-author of the leading tax textbook in Canada, Stan is known not only to students at Waterloo but to students across the country. Many Waterloo students have been told by envious students from other universities how lucky they are to have Dr. Laiken as their teacher. His slogan, “tax is a microcosm of life” is well known both within and outside the University of Waterloo. He brings an enthusiasm to the class that motivates his students to take an active role in their learning process. His patience in explaining difficult concepts and his extensive availability outside of class also provides students with the opportunity to do well in his courses. A former student now working on a PhD has written: “My enthusiasm for tax stemmed from Stan Laiken's talent and enthusiasm as a teacher. I wanted to demonstrate to him that I could learn the material, even though I was finding it very challenging.” Other students have commented: “Dr. Laiken is both the most effective and one of the most dedicated professors from whom we have taken courses. He is an excellent instructor who is able to impart a sound foundation and conceptual base that is vital in a rapidly changing field such as taxation” and “The dearest of all rewards [to a professor] is that he has reached out to his students and made a difference in students' lives. 'Uncle Stan', as we affectionately refer to him, has done this many times and truly deserves the Distinguished Teacher Award.”