Steve Balaban, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2019

School of Accounting and Finance

Steve Balaban, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2019Steve Balaban, a lecturer in the School of Accounting and Finance, has received many praises from not only his students and his fellow colleagues in the Faculty of Arts, but also from his colleagues in other faculties. Balaban influenced the careers of several of his students, and continues to be a mentor to them long after their graduation. His peers admire the efforts he has made to incorporate new and interactive learning techniques into his lesson plans, such as problem-based learning and experiential learning. His students also really appreciate his efforts, as one student noted: “His lectures never felt like lectures, but rather interactive discussions”. Balaban shows genuine interest in seeing his students succeed, and many have commented on the integral role he has played in their professional and academic success. His lessons are known to emphasize “the importance of personal development, teamwork, communication, and relationship building”. Balaban has been described as “passionate”, “engaging” and “humble”. Additionally, it is noted that his most admirable quality is “his constant desire to improve his teaching abilities and the learning environment”.