Steven Bednarski, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2011

History, St. Jerome's University

Dr. Steven Bednarski has gained an immense amount of respect and admiration since joining the University in 2006 as an assistant professor. He has continued this position while taking on the role as co-director of medieval studies at St. Jerome’s University. Students have noted that though his courses are academically demanding, he gives a lot in return. After a long day of teaching, Dr. Bednarski is never too busy to help his students find and use material while enthusiastically answering their questions. He captivates his students by creating a dynamic learning environment that is intellectually stimulating. His students are grateful for his eagerness to provide them with opportunities to share the stage with him at conferences in order to “enhance their learning and help them mature as scholars.” When asked by a colleague what he was most proud of in his teaching career, Dr. Bednarski responded, “the students” modestly adding, “point them in the right direction, they run with it.”