Upkar Arora, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2022

Upkar Arora, School of Accounting and Finance 

Upkar Arora Image
Upkar Arora, an Adjunct at the School of Accounting and Finance, embraces a student centric mindset to create the conditions for active participation, reflection, curiosity and continuous learning by students, in and out of the classroom. His students admire his willingness to challenge them in the inclusive, interactive and innovative seminar series: Success Beyond the Classroom. Students are able to glean insights about diverse career paths beyond the typical accounting and finance roles, make more informed career choices relevant to them and navigate these with increased confidence. Faculty colleagues describe Upkar as “someone who has a vast amount of industry experience, who would take time to mentor countless students on a one-to-one basis.  He continually helped students through critical inflection points and continues to guide them throughout many challenges that they face in their careers.”  Upkar’s commitment to social and environmental justice, demonstrated by the work he is currently doing through Rally Assets, inspires students to explore the world beyond numbers and apply their knowledge, skills and energy to create meaningful positive impact.