Winston Cherry, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1991

Statistics and Actuarial Science

Winston Cherry has been a professor of statistics at Waterloo since 1968. Throughout his 23 years of service, professor Cherry has been dedicated to the teaching of his subject and to the needs of his students. Numerous colleagues and former students report that he has spent untold hours in thinking of fresh approaches to the teaching of statistics, and in implementing his ideas. He is noted for developing statistics courses that are based on actual and current human problems. His realistic courses on sampling, his detailed case studies, his imaginative correspondence courses, and his effective use of videos have all contributed to his reputation as a devoted and innovative teacher. Dr. Cherry has freely shared the fruits of his labour with his colleagues, and thereby multiplied the impact of his methods. We are indebted to him for the clarity of his lectures, his friendly and caring attitude, his enthusiasm for his subject and especially for the way he has brought statistics to life in his classes. To quote a former student: “Dr. Cherry works so hard for us that it makes us want to learn his subject well and work hard for him in return.”