Velocity is an opportunity for talented, creative, and technologically savvy students with an entrepreneurial spirit to create technology products. Students with an interest in mobile communications, the web, and new media live in a residence with like-minded peers.

The students join faculty and corporate partners as active collaborators and share the benefits of the talent, ideas, and innovations that evolve!


The Mathematic Sciences Research Institute's Industry Internship Program matches students to summer internship positions associated with practical projects requiring mathematical ability in an industrial setting.

Programming contests and challenges

Electronic Arts holds programming contests that UWaterloo students can participate in. The Python Challenge is a game where each level requires programming, mostly in Python.

As well, all UWaterloo students are welcome to participate in local programming contests, from which the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Team is chosen.


Although some of the talks listed may be aimed at specialists in a particular area, hearing about new research may inspire you to broaden your interests and knowledge. Other talks, such as those in the Distinguished Lecture Series, are geared to a more general audience.

Math in Europe

In the spring term of 2015 we will be offering our undergraduate students a new international opportunity — to take their 2A math courses in Italy and France, taught by experienced instructors Conrad Hewitt and Francine Vinette. More information about the Math in Europe program is available at the program page.

Other opportunities

Velocity students