Benefits ID Card

GSC benefit ID card

GreenShield benefit ID card Description
WTL These three letters (WTL) before your identification (ID) number identifies your plan. GreenShield does not have policy numbers, you will need to provide the full ID number listed on your GreenShield ID card (e.g., WTL123456-00) when submitting a claim or calling the GreenShield Customer Contact Centre. The prefix for your plan is WTL and must be in all caps.
Six-digit number following WTL This is your University of Waterloo employee identification (ID) number.
Two numbers following your six-digit ID number These numbers indicate whether you are the member (-00), spouse (-01), or a dependent child (-02, -03, -04, etc.).

Card Features

Your GreenShield benefit ID cardis an electronic payment system that provides on-the-spot processing of prescription drug claims at almost any pharmacy in Canada. It’s a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to submitting claim forms. 

GreenShield will mail out two benefit ID cards to new employees approximately two weeks after benefit enrollment is completed within Workday. GreenShield will automatically issue a new benefit ID card when a spouse or dependent is added to your plan, but not when a spouse or dependent is removed from coverage. New benefit cards are not issued when an employee experiences a name or address change.  

Using your GreenShield benefit ID card

Your GreenShield benefit ID card includes all the information you need to submit claims for eligible expenses under your group benefits plan.  

Your unique ID number is printed on the front of the card below your name and ends with -00. Dependents (if any) are listed on the back of the card with their ID number, each ending with their own unique dependent code -01, -02, etc. The complete ID number for the person receiving the benefit must be provided to your service provider for direct billing and/or through claim forms submitted to GreenShield for reimbursement.  

How to obtain an additional GreenShield benefit ID card  

  • Visit and print your GreenShield benefit ID card yourself from GSC everywhere
  • If you have a smartphone or tablet, your card is available electronically on GreenShields app, GreenShield everywhere. If you have questions about the app, please call GreenShield 
  • Contact GreenShield’s Customer Contact Centre toll free at 1-888-711-1119, and they will mail an additional card to you