Strategies for Successfully Navigating Change


Tuesday, March 19, 2024 9:30 AM(EDT) - 12:00 PM(EDT)

Workshop Overview:

Change is constant and happens all the time. Every day we change in small ways – our morning routine, our route to work, our daily activities. We adapt quickly to these small changes, seamlessly adjusting our ways. It’s the big changes however that can cause an emotional reaction and discomfort. Understanding and addressing why we react to change, the impact the change has on us and whether we are motivated to embrace a change, is important and can directly influence outcomes.  

Learning Outcomes: 

This course will provide learners with an overview of how and why individuals react to change. Through interactive exercises participants will discover the value in considering the people side of change. In addition, individuals will have an opportunity to learn new strategies they can apply to real change situations.   



Intended Audience: 

Employees in NON-supervisory roles 

Workshop Format: 



Pre-workshop self-directed learning (15-20 min)  

Virtually Facilitated Workshop (2.0 hours) 


Rebecca Butler - Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives 

Tracey Crewe - HR Project Manager

Emma Watson - HR Coordinator

Breanna Michael - HR Project Coordinator