Workday: Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Workday, the new HR system for the University of Waterloo launched on Monday. With the transition to the brand new system, the Support Centre is receiving a high volume of inquiries and is working quickly to respond. If you haven’t received a response, we appreciate your patience and will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, we wanted to address some frequently asked questions that have come up:

1. How do I access my historical pay slips and tax forms?

Log in to Workday and go to the Cloud iconView Profile > Personal (under your Worker Profile) > Documents. Visit the View historical pay slips and tax documents user guide for step-by-step instructions.

2. Why isn’t my co-op student or grad student information showing in Workday?

We are currently working through the high volume of paperwork for co-op student hiring that was submitted to HR prior to the launch of Workday. If paperwork was not submitted for a co-op student hire, the hire can now to be completed in Workday. In addition, grad student information will be loaded no later than Friday, January 11th for the winter term.

Once the hire is complete in Workday, the student will receive an onboarding message in their email. They can then log in to Workday and must fill out their personal and banking information in order to be paid on time.

3. What should I do if my organizational chart, vacation or other information is incorrect?

You can edit a lot of your own personal information yourself within Workday, including emergency contact, address and banking information (see the user guides for assistance). However, if there are discrepancies with your organizational chart, vacation or job title this will need to be fixed through HR. If you have already contacted the Support Centre with a request, we are currently working on updating your information.

4. How can I get security access for hiring or time keeping?

A manager will need to submit the Workday Permission Request form. Within the form, there is an option for access for several different roles, including Campus Partner, Timekeeper, and ELM administrator. Descriptions of the roles can be found within the form.

You can find additional support and assistance on the Workday website, including the Workday user guides. Again, we sincerely appreciate your patience during this transition.