Fortieth Annual Symposium on polymer science/engineering presentations

Abstract & 2018 Symposium Documents

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Presentations (5-minute) Documents
Basma Mahi, Chemistry, Waterloo

Synthesis of pH-responsive Arborescent Amphiphilic Copolymers for Drug Delivery Applications

Presentation (PDF)
Abdullah Basalem, Chemistry, Waterloo

Characterization of Gemini Surfactants and their interactions with DNA by PEF

Presentation (PDF)
Zhen Zhang, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

UV-absorbing Cellulose Nanocrystals as Functional Reinforcing Fillers in Poly (vinyl chloride) Film

Presentation (PDF)
Serxho Selmani, Chemistry, Waterloo

Access to Poly(heteroarylene–vinylene)s via Rhodium(III)–Catalyzed Hydroarylation of Alkynes .

Presentation (PDF)
Pengxiang Si, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Synthesis of Water Dispersible Polypyrrole (PPy) Nanowires

Presentation (PDF)

Che Zhang,  Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Behaviour of pMDI and Water as a Wood Adhesive on the Wood Chips of Various Hydrorphobicity

Presentation (PDF)
Jenner Ngai,  Chemical Engineering, Waterloo
Low-cost Synthetic Approach to Prepare Indigoid-based Polymers for Solution Processable P-type Organic Field-effect Transistors
Presentation (PDF)
Jingqi Wang,  Chemistry, Waterloo
Characterization of Self-Assembling Quinoline-Based Foldamers by Fluorescence Anisotropy
Presentation (PDF)
Kiarash Gholami,  Chemistry, Waterloo

Effect of Solution Temperature on the Properties of Pour Point Depressant Mimics in Octane and Oil

Presentation (PDF)
Zehou You,  Chemistry, Waterloo

Probing the Effect of Low Molecular Weight Polymer Diluent on Latex Film Formation by Pyrene Excimer Fluorescence (PEF)

Presentation (PDF)
Xiaocheng Zhou,  Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

New Conjugated Building Block IBDP For Organic Solar Cell

Presentation (PDF)
Xiguang Gao,  Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Epoxy resin enabled robust and multifunctional binders for high energy lithium-sulfur batteries

Presentation (PDF)
Mohammed Awed,  Chemical Engineering,Ryerson

Improving MMA Monomer Conversion Via AGET ATRP Using Two Step MSethod in Emulsion System

Presentation (PDF)
Presentations (20-minute) Documents

Sanjay Patel , Chemistry, Waterloo Detecting Minute Detecting Minute Quantities of Nitroaromatic Compounds with Pyrene-Labeled Starch Nanoparticles

Abstract & Preserntation (PDF)
Yunjie Yin,Physics and Astronomy, Waterloo
Production and Analysis of Highly Monodisperse Oligomeric Poly(Ethylene Oxide)
Abstract & Presentation (PDF)
Alison Scott, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Principal Component Analysis Applied to Polymeric Sensing Materials (Winner of the 2017 IPR Award for Academic Excellence in Polymer Science/Engineering)

Abstract & Presentation (PDF)
Noushin Majadabadifarahani, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

An Overview of Model Discrimination Techniques in Polymerization Processes

Abstract & Presentation (PDF)
Remi Casier, Chemistry, Waterloo
Long Range Polymer Chain Dynamics of Structured and Unstructured Polypeptides Probed by PEF (Winner of the 2017 IPR Award for Academic Excellence in Polymer Science/Engineering)
Abstract & Presentation (PDF)
Dapeng Liu, Chemistry, Waterloo

Dilution-Induced Hierarchical Self-Assembly of nanovesicles: the Role of Hydrophobic Hydration

Abstract & Presentation (PDF)

Joseph Khouri, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo Viscoelastic Response of Crosslinked Chitosan Edible Films

Abstract & Presentation (PDF)
Janine Thoma, Chemistry, Waterloo

Characterizing the Molecular Dimensions of Flexible Dendrimers in Solution

Abstract & Presentation (PDF)
Sara Abuadas, Chemistry, Waterloo

Dehydration Polymerization for Poly(hetero)arene Conjugated Polymers

AAbstract & Presentation (PDF)
Damin Kim, Chemistry, Waterloo
Compression of Nano-sized Amylopectin Fragments Probed by PEF in DMSO
AAbstract & Presentation (PDF)
Geoffrey Sinclair, Chemistry, Waterloo
Directed Oxidation of Thiazoles for use in Conjugated Polymer Synthesis
Prachi Panchal and Thipisha Siakumaran, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo
Polymeric Sensing Materials for Acetone Detection
Rafael Mirabal, Chemistry, Waterloo
Palladium Pre-Catalyst for Direct Arylation Polymerization
Janine Thoma, Chemistry, Waterloo
Characterizing the Dimensions and Dynamics of Pyrene Labeled Dendritic Macromolecules in Solution
Xiaocheng Zhou, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo
New Conjugated Building Block IBDP For Organic Solar Cell
Hunter Little, Chemistry, Waterloo
Probing the Conformation of OPV-Labelled Foldamers in Solution using Time Resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy
Mustafa Shahwan, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson
Modeling of PVA degradation in a contentious photochemical reactor using experimental step-testing and process Identification
Ryan Amos, Chemistry, Waterloo

Systematic Hydrophobic Modification of Starch with Commercially Available Substituted Succinic Anhydrides and Maleated Vegetable Oil

Remi Casier, Chemistry, Waterloo
Using Pyrene Excimer Fluorescence to Probe Intermolecular Forces
Abdullah Ba Salem, Chemistry, Waterloo
Probing the Interactions Between Pyrene-Labeled Gemini Surfactant and Sodium Dodecylsulfate (SDS) by Fluorescence
Damin Kim, Chemistry Waterloo

Characterization of Hydrophobically Modified Starch NanoParticle by Pyrene Fluorescence