Psychology course outline - Winter 2005

Course code Course titles Instructor
PSYCH 101-01 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH 101-02 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Colin MacLeod
PSYCH 207 (PDF) Introduction to Cognitive Processes Daniel Smilek
PSYCH 211 (PDF) Introduction to Developmental Psychology Tom Ruttan
PSYCH 212 (PDF) Educational Psychology Maureen Drysdale
PSYCH 235 (PDF) Psychological Perspectives on Gender & Sex B. J. Rye
PSYCH 253 (PDF) Social Psychology Steven Spencer
PSYCH 257 (PDF) Abnormal Psychology Christine Purdon
PSYCH 261 (PDF) Physiological Psychology Mike Dixon
PSYCH 292 (PDF) Basic Data Analysis Derek Koehler
PSYCH 314 (PDF) Children's Thinking Daniela O'Neill
PSYCH 318 (PDF) Psychosexual Organization B. J. Rye
PSYCH 319 (PDF) Problem Behaviour in the Classroom Maureen Drysdale
PSYCH 320 (PDF) Language Development Jeremy Anglin
PSYCH 339 (PDF) Personnel Psychology Richard Ennis
PSYCH 354 (PDF) Interpersonal Relations John Rempel
PSYCH 356 (PDF) Personality Theory Doug Crowne
PSYCH 363 (PDF) Cultural and Ethnic Conflict Mike Ross
PSYCH 394 (PDF) Research in Cognition Processes Derek Besner
PSYCH 396 (PDF) Research Methods in Behavioural Neuroscience Colin Ellard
PSYCH 398-01 (PDF) Research in Memory Jennifer Stolz
PSYCH 398-02 (PDF) Research in Memory Myra Fernandes
PSYCH 453 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Developmental Psych
Topic: Emergence of Peer Conversation
Daniela O'Neill
PSYCH 457 (PDF) Honours Seminar - Personality and Clinical Psychology
Topic: Mood Disorders, Theory and Research
Scott McCabe
PSYCH 465 Applied Apprenticeship Hildy Ross
PSYCH 492 (PDF) Psychological Measurement Ramona Bobocel