Volunteer opportunities

Why is volunteering important?

Through volunteering, you can:

  • improve your resume; volunteering looks great on a resume!
  • network; it's an opportunity for networking and obtaining letters of recommendation
  • gain insight regarding your educational interests and aptitudes
  • gain insight regarding your employment and career goals e.g.
    • what target audience do you want to work with?  For example, children, adolescence, adults, the elderly, those with attentional and or recognition impairments due to brain damage, etc.
    • what sector you want to work in? For example, business, education, government, treatment facilities, etc.
  • develop leadership skills
  • apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom at the volunteer setting. See distinctive marketable skills of Psychology Majors.
  • build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • gain the experience profile needed for admission to future programs. Volunteering shows commitment to the field of interest and some understanding of the work within it. See further studies.

See the Career Action Centre and  Young Canadians for further details regarding the value of volunteering.

Get involved in student organizations, peer mentoring programs, etc. to develop leadership skills

Arts Student Union

Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association

  • Frontier College (formerly UWaterloo Tutors) - UWaterloo Chapter for Frontier College which is a national non-profit literacy organization (note: if the group is not active in a given term the listing will not appear on that website)
  • UWaterloo clubs

Imprint - student newspaper

Student Leadership Program

MATES (Mentor Assistance Through Education and Support) provides one to one peer support appointments including drop-in appointments for UWaterloo students. Student peer mentors are third and fourth year students who go through intensive training to assist distressed students regarding academic, social, or physical difficulties. Students can make their own appointments or be referred by a counsellor, psychologist, or nurse. Email mates@wusa.ca.

Peer mentorship programs

Psychology Undergraduate Student Society (PsychSoc)

Science Student Society

Other volunteer opportunities on-campus

Access Ability Services

Apprenticeship courses

Don positions at the student residences

Early Childhood Education Centre

Research opportunities

Student Success Office

Volunteer opportunities elsewhere

Centre for Career Action:

  • Volunteer Fair - speak to agency representatives regarding local opportunities
  • Volunteering - find opportunities locally, in Canada, and abroad

Strong Start - help ensure reading skills for children

Tutors Beyond Borders

Global Experiences Certificate

See the Undergraduate calendar for details.

International Experiences Awards

International experience awards

Student leadership e-certificate program

The Department of Organizational and Human Development encourages all students to pursue various leadership development opportunities in order to become effective leaders of tomorrow. See student leadership certificate program.