Enhancing Gender Affirming Care at Campus Wellness

Friday, August 19, 2022

Students' hands

Campus Wellness welcomes Deanna Clatworthy, a Clinical Nurse Specialist who has joined the department to provide gender affirming care. Deanna has spent the past 10 years working as the Clinic Director at ARCH in Guelph, where she led the development of the transgender health program there. She is a public speaker, educator, activist, advocate, and addiction counsellor. She has extensive training in gender affirming care, infectious disease, and sexual health. She has trained with Rainbow Health Ontario to be able to provide gender affirming care, and with GRS Montreal to be able to provide post-surgical care for gender affirming surgeries. She has provided care to more than 600 transgender patients at ARCH and looks forward to working with the students at UW!

Students can self-refer to book an appointment with Deanna by calling Campus Wellness at 519-888-4096 and requesting gender affirming care or asking to see the clinic nurse specialist, or can speak with their physician if they are already connected to care. Services Deanna can provide include information on HRT and gender affirming surgeries, referrals for surgeries, post-surgical care, documentation to change gender designation on official ID, sexual health testing, and more.

Campus Wellness is continually working towards enhancing our gender affirming healthcare to better serve our student community at UW, and is excited to collaborate with student services to continue to improve patient care.

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