CTE has hosted presentations by the following experts in higher education:

2017. Don Presant. Recognizing Knowledge and Skills in a Digital Age

2015. Kathy Takayama. Cultivating learning cultures: Reflective habits of mind and the value of uncertainty. Kathy Takayama is Executive Director of the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. 

2014. Randy Bass, Georgetown University. Designing the University for 2030: ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Change. Randy Bass is Senior Research Scholar on the Connect to Learning ePortfolio research project. 

2014. John Bean, Seattle University. Faculty-Friendly Problem-Based Writing Assignments to Enhance Students’ Growth as Disciplinary ThinkersJohn Bean is a professor of English at Seattle University, where he holds the title of “Consulting Professor of Writing and Assessment.”  He has an undergraduate degree from Stanford (1965) and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington (1972).  He is the author of Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom, 2nd edition (Jossey-Bass, 2011).

2013. David Pace, Indiana University Bloomington, and Leah Shopkow, Indiana University. Breakthroughs in the Classroom: Reviving Teaching and Learning with Decoding the DisciplinesDavid Pace is an emeritus professor of European History at Indiana University, a co-founder of the Freshman Learning Project, the chair of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and the 2005 recipient of the American Historical Association’s Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award. Leah Shopkow is a founding co-director and the PI of the History Learning Project (HLP). Her most recent publications include "What 'Decoding the Disciplines' has to offer 'Threshold Concepts,'" in Threshold Concepts and Transformational Learning (2010) and, with  the other HLP directors, "The Union of  Epistemology and Teaching" in The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning In and Across the Disciplines (forthcoming).

2012. Marcy SlapcoffMcGill University, and Brad Wuetherick, University of Saskatchewan. Bridging the Divide: Promoting Deep Learning By Integrating Research, Teaching, and LearningMarcy Slapcoff directs the Teaching-Research Nexus Project at McGill, a university-wide initiative to promote the links between teaching and research and scholarshipBrad Wuetherick is the Program Director at the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, and former Director of the University of Alberta's Research Makes Sense for Students initiative. 

2011. Maryellen Weimer, Penn State. Can Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning Actually Improve My Teaching? Maryellen Weimer is an award-winning teacher, and has been the editor ofThe Teaching Professor since 1987. Her books include Learner-Centered Teaching and Enhancing Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning.

2010. Catherine Wehlburg, Texas Christian University. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: You're Already Doing It! Catherine Wehlburg is the author of numerous articles and books about higher education, including Promoting Integrated and Transformative Assessment and Meaningful Course Revision. 

2010. Eric Mazur, Harvard University. Memorization or Understanding: Are We Teaching the Right thing? Eric Mazur is an award-winning physicist, consultant, and author of more than 250 publications, including Peer Instruction: A User's Manual. 

2009. Gary Poole, University of British Columbia. The Promise of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Fulfilled or Unfulfilled? Gary Poole is a former Director of the Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at UBC. He has received a 3M Teaching Fellowship and a Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for contributions to Higher Education.

2006. George Kuh, University of Indiana. Taking Stock of What Matters to Student Success in University​George Kuh is the founding director of the National Survey of Student Engagement. He is the author of more than 350 publications on college student engagement, assessment strategies, and campus cultures.

2005. Keith Trigwell, Oxford University. How Does 'Great Teaching' Relate to Student Learning? Keith Trigwell is Professor of Higher Education in the Institute for Teaching and Learning. He is past president of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and was an editor of Higher Education.

2004. Howard Armitage, University of Waterloo. Confessions of an (Innovative) EducatorHoward Armitage is the recipient of Waterloo’s Distinguished Teaching Award, the LS Rosen Award for Outstanding Canadian Accounting Educator, and a 3M Teaching Fellowship.

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