Al Evans, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2000

Religious Studies, St. Paul's United College, Non-regular award category

Alvin Evans, professor emeritus of St. Paul's College, has shared his wealth of experience and boundless enthusiasm with students in the classroom and distance education settings over three decades. He is as innovative as he is dedicated and inspiring. Professor Evans was the prime mover behind the University of Waterloo's studies in personality and religion program at St. Paul's College and he designed and taught most of the core courses in that program over the years. ”Aging as a Spiritual Journey” continues to be a high point of his teaching as it brings the fruits of his life wisdom to so many. Professor Evans' career has been long, varied and distinguished. He has served on the Guelph police force, in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and in the Royal Canadian Navy. He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada and has been chaplain at the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Guelph. He has worked as a psychologist in the University of Waterloo counselling service and as a marriage and family therapist. He has also been involved in suicide prevention research for decades. For professor Evans, living is an art and his teaching is a natural expression of his generous and caring personality. His teaching has been soul shaping and life transforming for students over many years.

[Professor Evans died in 2012]