Andrew Hunt, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2005


Professor Hunt has established himself as an outstanding teacher. His second year course on “The American West: Myth and Reality” is a cultural history that draws on the popularity of the West as an American icon. His course on the Vietnam War has been immensely successful from its inception. Student response to professor Hunt's teaching has been unanimously enthusiastic, so much so that the department has had to limit enrolment in all his courses. Students have praised his “excellent lectures,” “sensitivity,” and “personal interest.” Letters received testify to the considerable appreciation of professor Hunt on the part of the students. One refers to him as “a passionate and dynamic speaker” and mentions his flexibility in presenting material to students but allowing them to draw their own conclusions. Another writes about him as “a man who facilitates learning.” Indeed, this student credits professor Hunt for giving him the desire to teach and become an educator. All students mentioned his availability outside the classroom, his love of his subject, and his ability to share that enthusiasm with his students. Moreover, professor Hunt is an active and well-regarded publisher, having received early promotion and tenure. The quality of information that students receive is therefore high - - an important consideration.