Anton Mosunov, recipient of the Amit and Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student, 2018

Pure Mathematics

MosunovAnton Mosunov, a PhD student in Pure Mathematics, is highly recognized for his dedication to learning and teaching. When asked about Mosunov’s impact on student learning, one undergraduate student explained that “he made the content interesting and easy to follow for every student. Not only did he provide great lectures, he also provided course notes and class videos to. . . ensure that we fully understood the material outside of class.” Another student wrote that “at office hours, Anton was always helpful. Whether I had a question about the course content itself, or things beyond the scope of the course, he was always enthusiastic in answering, and recommended further reading to me which allowed me to learn much more than one course could teach.” In addition to his students’ support, a faculty member highlighted that “in all cases, he went well beyond what was expected of him and was an essential contributor to the success of the course.” His support serves as a testament to this recognition.

Mosunov has been an instructor for Math 119, and PMATH 340. He has also been a teaching assistant for Math 147, Math 148, Math 647, and Math 648.