Brent Hall, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2002

Urban and Regional Planning

Brent Hall, a professor in the school of planning, also holds the position of associate dean of computing in the Faculty of Environmental Studies and is cross-appointed to the Department of Geography. His enthusiasm for geographic information systems (GIS) has helped students develop a passion for this unique technology and its many applications. He demonstrates how GIS are intertwined with mathematics, geography, and computer science. Interactivity and feedback play an integral role in both Dr. Hall's course management and marking. Students report that “Dr. Hall has a unique ability to show the value of subject matter, in a manner that relates to current industry trends and developments.” Classroom interaction is encouraged through presentations, discussions and questions asked of the students. Through his excitement and enthusiasm, he brings a dimension to the classroom that cannot be experienced through a textbook. Students further report that “When marking assignments, Dr. Hall offers constructive, relevant feedback. It is apparent that he spends the time to thoroughly read, and offer opinions relating to needs for improvement, or related topics.” Dr. Hall takes a personal interest in his students' professional development. His dedication to his students does not stop at the classroom door. He has assisted many students in attaining positions in the geomatics industry and post-graduate studies through his many contacts and references. Dr. Hall's outstanding qualities as a teacher include his intense interest in his students as individuals, the extraordinary example he sets of energy and productivity in academic pursuits, his outstanding skills for conveying and presenting complex concepts with exceptional clarity, and the manner in which he instills in his students a sense that they must have high expectations of themselves.