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Building Capacity to Teach Collaborative Skills at the University of Waterloo

Grant recipients

Kathryn Plaisance, Knowledge Integration

Scott Anderson, Centre for Teaching Excellence

(Project timeline: September 2019 - July 2020)


In a recent survey of employers, the “ability to work well in a team” was tied as the #1 skill employers seek on candidates’ resumes (NACE 2017); yet, employers also report that recent graduates lack collaborative skills (AMA 2012). Research from the PI’s previous LITE grant supports the existence of a “collaborative skills gap” at UW and began to address it through the development of student and instructor workshops, a new university-wide course called “Making Collaboration Work”, and a new online resource of the same name. These endeavors have been successful, but could have a much larger impact by building more capacity among instructors at UW to teach students how to collaborate effectively within and across disciplines. This goal of this project is two-fold: first, to create a “community of practice” on collaboration at UW, and second, to develop a comprehensive set of resources for students and instructors.

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