Decolonizing Health Studies: A Workshop Aimed at Promoting Cultural Safety and Mitigating Bias Among UW Faculty

TRC Calls to Action Dreamcatcher

Grant Recipients

Colleen McMillan, School of Social Work

Elaine Lillie, School of Pharmacy

Jenna Bright, School of Optometry and Vision Science

Lisa Christian, School of Optometry and Vision Science

Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, School of Social Work

Rhona Hanning, School of Public Health and Health Systems

Rosemary Killeen, School of Pharmacy

Ken Manson, School of Pharmacy

Andre Stanberry, School of Optometry and Vision Science

Sandra Juutilainen, Ryerson University

Shanlee Connors, Research Assistant

(Project timeline: May 2019 - May 2020)


This pilot project aims to build on the momentum created by President Hamdullahpur’s endorsement of an Indigenization Strategy at the University of Waterloo. Since the release of the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report and Calls to Action, Canadians are learning the truth about Canadian nation building and oppression of Indigenous peoples.  We will develop, implement and evaluate a full-day workshop for faculty and staff from the Schools of Public Health, Pharmacy, Optometry and Social Work to promote cultural safety and mitigation of implicit bias. We see faculty training as a critical first step toward building understanding of Canadian nation building and improving student learning. Results will be shared with UW’s senior leadership. More broadly, this effort will influence other faculty members and students and suggest mechanisms for training others across UW and those health professionals outside the UW community who engage with our students.

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