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Development and Assessment of Project-Based Laboratory in Chemical Engineering

 Hands-on Experiment, Authentic Design, Underlying Theories.

Grant recipients:

Mingqian (John) Zhang, Cheryl Newton, Jason Grove, Mark Pritzker, and Marios Ioannidis, Department of Chemical Engineering

(Project timeline: May 2018-April 2019)


This project is aimed to investigate the impact of a project-based engineering laboratory on enhancing teaching and learning in engineering laboratory courses. The project-based laboratory is delivered by in-depth experiential learning where students work on open-ended design projects that mimic real-world situations with set timeframes and constraints. The authentic design component is intended to stimulate student interest and motivation towards deep learning through hands-on experiments and ensure enhanced learning outcomes. The lab course involved in this project includes both the project-based laboratory and traditional laboratories that are otherwise delivered by a more traditional teaching method, providing an ideal platform to conduct comparative and quantitative assessment of the effects of the project-based laboratory and its instructional method on student learning outcomes in accordance with the learning outcomes of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) and the Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (UDLEs).

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