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Tackling weight bias in the classroom: Developing capacity for weight-sensitive instruction among educators and learners at the University of Waterloo

Grant recipients:

Rhona Hanning, Amanda Raffoul, Rachel Acton, Kirsten Lee, Katie Burns, and Katelyn Godin, School of Public Health and Health Systems

(Project timeline: May 2018-April 2019)


Weight bias and discrimination are highly pervasive; however, there is a severe lack of weight bias education in public health and health care education settings. The current project aims to use innovative approaches to develop (1) a collection of online resources with content related to weight bias that is easily accessible to course instructors, and (2) an online educational module directed at students containing information and resources related to weight bias. Given the current lack of weight-bias education across the faculty of Applied Health Sciences (AHS), developing and promoting these materials for use by instructors and students will ensure strong and consistent weight bias messaging across AHS courses. The project will enhance educator and student knowledge on the gravity and implications of weight bias and stigma.

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