Microteaching session (online in Zoom)

Thursday, December 14, 2023 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

Location: Online (LEARN, Zoom)

Session description and delivery

Fundamentals Microteaching Sessions provide participants the opportunity to practice different teaching methods and receive constructive feedback in a supportive, low-risk environment. Find out more details on the Fundamentals Microteaching Session webpage.

This session is taking place online in Zoom

Steps to register for a microteaching session:

  1. Complete the Effective Lesson Plans (CTE202/CTE1202) workshop prior to signing up for your first microteaching session.
  2. Submit a registration request through the GoSignMeUp registration system. Difficulty registering? Read the instructions on the registration system home page.
    Select one session you wish to attend. Once you submit your registration request, you will receive an automatic email from the registration system.
  3. Your registration request will be reviewed, and you will receive a registration confirmation e-mail within 7 business days. The confirmation email will include details about the microteaching session.
  4. You will then need to prepare your lesson plan using the Microteaching Lesson Plan and submit it to your session facilitator using the Waterloo LEARN "Fundamentals of University Teaching" course at least 7 days prior to the session. The facilitator will review your lesson plan and let you know if the lesson plan is acceptable or requires changes.

Microteaching registration policy

You  may sign up for a maximum of one microteaching session at a time. You may not sign up for multiple microteaching sessions. Once you successfully complete one microteaching session, you may register for the next session following the same procedure.

Participants registered in multiple microteaching sessions will have their registration cancelled.

Microteaching cancellation policy

Refer to the Microteaching Cancellation Policy for important information.

Microteaching session waitlists

There is high demand for microteaching sessions. If you find that all microteaching sessions in a given month are full, please sign up on the microteaching session waitlist (course code: CTE0499) through the GoSignMeUp registration system. We will contact you should a spot become available.