Firas Mansour, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2012

Physics and Astronomy

Even before Dr. Firas Mansour first became a lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2007, students benefited from his teaching during his graduate student days here. His classroom style “provokes” his students to learn, including those who initially thought they disliked physics. Students claim that they would not have passed introductory physics had it not been for Dr. Mansour’s fierce commitment. His teaching dossier contains numerous letters and remarkably inventive cards attesting to his positive impact on his students and describing their delight in the fun he brings to his classes, despite his rigorous standards. Many comment on how much they appreciate his memorable stories and demonstrations, extra review sessions, and great sense of humour and how impressed they are that he actually learns all their names! His approachable manner and unique teaching style captivate his students’ attention while also effectively building their confidence and problem-solving skills. I believe that even those of us who have relegated introductory physics to the archives of our educational history would benefit from, and no doubt also immensely enjoy, being students in one of Dr. Mansour’s classes..